Who am I?

The short version is I’m a guy who loves music.

The long version is that I’m Andrew Lacy. I’ve spent several years working in the radio industry, primarily as a sports announcer and a DJ. I got my first taste of writing about music during the summer of 2009 during a four month stint at the now-defunct The 9513, which at the time was the most popular independent country music blog on the web. I’ve done some sporadic writing about music on personal blogs since, but never got serious about getting back into music writing until the creation of this site.


This is a one-man operation, so while I’ll try to post fairly consistently I certainly can’t promise new content every day. When I do write, I’ll do a variety of things. At the moment, I’m planning on writing reviews of singles and albums, occasional opinion pieces on industry news and maybe occasional interviews. I may also borrow concepts that I see and like on other music blogs, and I’ll do my best to give credit to the sites where I first saw the idea when I do.


If you are an artist or record label and want me to consider your music for review, send me an email with a link to your music or attached mp3 at alacy52[at]gmail.com.


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